How Can You Tell From A Male & Female Bearded Dragons

I have researched so many ways and some of the answers are pretty hard to say. There are ways of knowing the difference of male and female dragons. Not all ways true and correct between two adult dragons.I know that baby bearded dragons are not easy to tell from male and female at their age.

So, what I have recently read so far, I hope it’s not to confusing to you all.

  • Male Bearded Dragons usually have larger broader heads.
  • Male Bearded Dragons tails are usually thicker at the base.
  • Male Bearded Dragons have more prominent femoral pores


Identifying A Female Bearded Dragon


  • Female Bearded Dragons usually have smaller heads.
  • Female Bearded Dragons tails are usually more slender and tapered.
  • Female Bearded Dragons have one bump or no bump on the underside of the tail by the vent.

Male Bearded Dragon

Female Bearded Dragon



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